Caribavia June 11-13 2019

Cmd Bud Slabbaert has appointed Stacy Everitt, Secretary and Newsletter Editor at WCA, to assist with some elements of the Caribbean Aviation Meetup conference.  Stacy will be a liaison between WCA and the Caribbean Aviation Meetup.

At our last Caribbean Aviation Meetup in the Bahamas, Liz Clark, Karin Muller, International Director of Women in Corporate Aviation and Stacy Everitt, had joined us in making a presentation, promoting Business Aviation. It is my intention to strengthen the relationship between Women in Corporate Aviation International and the Caribbean Aviation Meetup and Caribbean Airlift Alliance.   For more information, please visit us on Facebook –

The Caribbean Airlift Alliance Is Now Becoming A Reality

The CARIBBEAN AVIATION MEETUP is the largest and most significant international conference for airlift stakeholders in the Caribbean Region

The 4th Annual Caribbean Aviation Meetup is planning their next conference in St. Marteen, June 11-13, 2019.

During the Caribbean Aviation Meetup (Caribavia) in the Bahamas in June, 2018, it was decided to start up the Caribbean Airlift Alliance. While the entity is currently still in its structuring stage, the goal is to work together to improve and help lead business aviation in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Aviation Meetup is a results-oriented platform for communication between the various stakeholders in the aviation, tourism and investment industries. The focus of the conference is on experience exchange, interaction and participation. The proactive character of the event makes it the perfect place for face-to-face business discussions, comprehensive group opinion exchanges on sector-specific topics, and is the cornerstone upon which successful networking can be build.

All aviation segments in the Caribbean region have similar interests and have similar hurdles to deal with. There is also common interest with tourism and hospitality stakeholders. Having several separate small associations to tackle the same problem is neither very effective nor efficient. Even larger industry organizations are not quite able to deal with airlift matters and dilemmas because they may be too specialized and representing only one, or just a part of one industry segment. One umbrella organization which represents the activities for all of the various particular stakeholders will be most efficient. Please stay tuned for upcoming information.  Please feel free to check us out on Facebook or our website.

For more information, contact Cdr. Bud Slabbaert.


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