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EBACE 2020 Scholarship Offerings is Now Open!

Scholarship Window Opens
February 24, 2020

Scholarship Window Closes 
April 1, 2020

Scholarship Winners Announced 
May 1, 2020

Because EBACE 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19 global pandemic,
Scholarship Presentations will NOT be held at EBACE 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland.
Please check back for Scholarship Winner Announcements.


VIP Flight Attendant Training at the Hastie Recruitment Training Academy – Value: €600

Training Academy Overview

Hastie Recruitment’s training academy provides unique and bespoke service training solutions for flight attendants and cabin crew from commercial operation to private VIP corporate jets.

Our courses and qualified trainers offer the content and skills associated to deliver one of the world’s most prestigious training programs.  The courses are designed with the vast experience and knowledge of our company director, Michelle Hastie who has over 20 years of experience in both commercial and corporate aviation. Michelle has worldwide experience on most aircraft types and is an executive member of the European Corporate Flight Attendant Committee (ECFAC).

Course Syllabus

– Comparing the differences between commercial and private aviation
– Exploring the role of a VIP flight attendant
– Guided tour inside a working private jet terminal
– Key communications between you and your pilots
– Exploring a passenger profile
– Key galley organisational skills
– How to set up the perfect cabin
– Floral arrangements, key styles and practical demonstrations
– Planning catering for your flight
– The pros and cons of your catering solutions
– Designing a tailored menu for your guests
– Best practice for food hygiene
– Practical demonstration of VIP food preparation
– Table set up & service etiquette
– Napkin folding
– Service sequence and flow
– Caviar serving and how to store this fine food before use
– The most popular expensive high-end food and how to serve on board
– Platting techniques and the latest trends
– Cocktail making and tasting
– Wine pairing, pouring and etiquette when serving wine
– Entertaining your guests during the flight
– Cultural differences and etiquette
– Different types of private jet
– Putting your cabin into sleep mode
– Must-have items onboard your jet
– How to best handover when completing your trip
– Cleaning your cabin – tips on both pre and post-flight
– De catering the correct way & how to store your food down route
– How to present yourself and retain future business
– Keeping you up to date with key groups on social media
– Finding your brand and how to create the perfect business cards
– Thinking outside the box – making your guests feel extra special
– Confidentially on and off the jet
– CV design – making the best first impressions
– Gaining your dream job within this competitive market
– How to present yourself and portray a professional image at all times
– Certification of attendance and continued support post-course

Our 2-day classroom-based training program with 1-day pre-course study workbook, includes pre-course learning material, quick reference guide, certification, essential equipment and all food and refreshments.

In addition, we will donate a CV writing service valued at £100 by award winning Daniel Hastie.  Hastie Recruitment will give ongoing support to the winner should they need coaching into corporate flying opportunities.

Course Cost Breakdown:  £499 for the course, plus £100 for CV writing.  Total: £600.

For more info please visit www.hastierecruitment.com and click on courses @ Info@hastierecruitment.com.


International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) IS-BAO or IS-BAH Auditor Scholarship (value up to $2,000.00)

IBAC is proud to offer one of the following scholarship options:

Fundamentals of IS-BAO Workshop and the IS-BAO Auditing Workshop, or the Fundamentals of IS-BAH Workshop and the IS-BAH Auditing Workshop, for use as either an initial course or for a renewal. The Program consists of a one-day SMS/Fundamentals workshop and a one day Auditing workshop that is appropriate for an organizations safety manager, internal auditor, or someone seeking auditor accreditation to perform external audits for hire. The workshops are held in multiple locations around the world and locations can be found on IBAC’s website. All travel expenses (ex. airfare, meals, hotel, car) associated with attending the workshops will be the sole responsibility of scholarship winner.

If the scholarship winner wishes to pursue accreditation to perform IS-BAO or IS-BAH audits for hire, accreditation to become an accredited auditor under one of these programs is not an entry level position but for those that have 5 years’ experience in either Flight Operations and/or Maintenance for IS-BAO, or for IS-BAH 5 years’ experience in ground handling/FBO activities. The list of all requirements for auditor accreditation can be found on IBAC’s website below along with the additional costs associated with accreditation.

Basic descriptions of the workshop and content can be found on the below links (IS-BAO for aircraft operators and IS-BAH for ground handling providers):



While anyone interested can attend the workshops, if they wish to pursue accreditation, they must meet the IBAC experience requirements.  Below are the links to the requirements for each of the programs:

Click here to view the requirements for each program.


KAL Aviation Services UK Ltd. Maintenance Technician Training – Value:  $1,000

KAL Aviation UK Ltd is pleased to offer a scholarship in the amount of $1000 towards the education or training in the area of aeronautical engineering and maintenance. Open to any WCA member male or female. Example: may be used towards an A&P License or engineering degree.

This year KAL is offering the winner a chance at an internship. It is not required to apply; however, an extra offer will be made to the winner if they live in or have the right to work in the UK. The winner will shadow the owner for a week.

The winner will pay all incurred expenses during the week and is not guaranteed any assistance with the NBAA conference.

KAL Aviation is a maintenance management company, offering expertise of over 30 years in business aircraft operations and aircraft maintenance management based in Farnborough in the UK. This scholarship is for those seeking training in aviation maintenance technician careers. Please state your expected (conservative) estimates of travel expenses to attend EBACE 2020 with your essay. Some expenses may be covered by the sponsor.


Corporate Flight Training Service Master Class U.K. – Value:  €599 / $795 US Dollars

Corporate Flight Training UK is offering a Service Master Class for VIP Flight Attendants The Service Master Class is for VIP Flight Attendants or personal staff currently working on-board a private aircraft who wish to finesse their professional skills and master their service flair, by learning the latest from industry experts. The Service Masterclass combines the best of service training, hospitality and contemporary culinary technique. Our Trainers who deliver this course served as Footmen to the British Royal family and as Butlers in exclusive residences around the world. This unique course aims to ensure any candidates are able to set themselves above the rest by ensuring the service they deliver is exceptional.

FlightSafety International Paris – One Pilot Emergency Initial Training
– Value: $2,300

Corporate General Emergency Training. Professional Instruction for In-Flight Emergency Response.

We created our customizable Corporate General Emergency Training specifically to address the emergency training needs of corporate flight operations, regardless of size or situation. Our training meets most requirements of regulatory agencies worldwide as well as the requirements of most Safety Management Systems (SMS), including IS-BAO. Pilots, engineers, maintenance technicians and flight attendants all benefit from these comprehensive courses, designed to enhance the safety of your flight department by promoting rapid, accurate response to in-flight emergencies.


Flight Safety International – FAR 61.156 Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program by Flight Safety Houston Value:  $6,900


FAR 61.156 Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program

Course Information

The Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP) fulfills the requirements of FAR 61.156.  It includes both ground training and flight training segments.  Upon successful completion of the ATP CTP, and once all other requirements have been met, the candidate will be eligible to take the FAA  ATP written exam.

The ground training segment bridges the gap between the knowledge of the commercial pilot and that which is expected of an ATP certificate holder, specifically in the areas of aerodynamics, automation, adverse weather conditions, turbine engines, and transport airplane performance in accordance with Advisory Circular 61-138. The pilot will become familiar with recognizing, avoiding, and recovering from errors which can occur when operating turbine-powered transport category airplanes in a complex and dynamic environment.


Pilots must possess a valid Commercial Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine Rating; or equivalent foreign license.


  1. Simulator training is conducted in the following simulators: Atlanta, Georgia – CRJ; Houston, Texas – EMB145/Legacy, ATR72, CL601 3A/3R; Seattle, Washington – Bombardier Q400; St. Louis, Missouri – EMB 170; Tucson, Arizona – CL601 3A/3R.
  2. This course is required as a precursor to taking the FAA ATP Written examination and although it covers many of the FAA ATP Written examination topics, it is not a complete FAA ATP Written examination preparation course.
  3. Because crew coordination is required, a minimum of two attendees is required to conduct this course.
  4. This course does not result in any additional ratings or certificates.
  5. TSA requirements and conditions must be satisfied prior to the beginning of training.
  6. It is NOT recommended for students to schedule their FAA ATP written exam the same day as the course concludes.


We look forward to reading all of your submission packages. If you have any questions, please send an email to the scholarship committee: scholarships-wca@wca-intl.org.  If you are interested in donating or becoming a scholarship sponsor, please reach out to our scholarship committee: scholarships-wca@wca-intl.org

Scholarship Rules and Regulations

All documents MUST be attached in one PDF document per application. No exceptions made. Do not send or submit multiple parts, but only one single PDF with all required items contained therein. We suggest downloading the following software:  PDF Mergy or com.

  • 1- page Resume as your 1st page
  • 1- page Essay to include;
    • Your goal and future plans in corporate aviation
    • Why you want this scholarship
    • How this award will help you reach your goal
    • Your budget and financial need
    • Any obstacles you have overcome
    • Any aviation activities with Women in Corporate Aviation or other aviation organization you have volunteered for
  • Please keep font size 11 pts. or larger
  • (3) 1- page letters of recommendation
  • Copy of all certificates front and back
  • Copy of medical if necessary for the certificate sought

Any other requested documents will vary depending on the scholarship you’re applying for.  Ex. transcripts if requested. Logbook pages as proof of endorsements or hours required. Copy of tests making you eligible for training.

  • WCA is not responsible for housing, transportation or other associated fees
  • Many of the scholarship offerings also do not cover travel and expenses. As a winner of any scholarship, you are responsible for your own travel expenses and conference fees if you decided to attend the conference.
  • The awards must be used within one calendar year.
  • Applicants are not eligible to win more than one type rating per year and no more than one scholarship for each certificate.


Special thanks to our scholarship sponsors and members for their support for the WCA EBACE Scholarship program.

Because EBACE 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19 global pandemic,
Scholarship Presentations will NOT be held at EBACE 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland.
Please check back for Scholarship Winner Announcements.

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