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– 2021 Spring Scholarship Offerings – 

We’re excited about our 2021 Spring Scholarships offerings!


Application Window Opens:  January 28, 2021
Application Window Closes:  April 9, 2021 @ 11:59PM EST
Winner Announcement:  May 4, 2021 




Aircare International – Aircare FACTS Training Scholarship – Value:  $5,000
Aircare FACTS Training has been an industry leader in crew member emergency procedures training for over four decades. Our human factors-based programs prepare flight attendants, pilots, flight engineers, and passengers in a variety of emergency scenarios. Aircare FACTS Initial and Recurrent programs are designed for cabin crew. In addition to emergency procedures and other aspects of cabin safety, our programs include CPR/AED/BBP certification and satisfy all requirements set forth in FAR 135.331. The winner of the Aircare FACTS Training Scholarship may enroll in any scheduled Aircare FACTS Initial or Recurrent program within 1 year of award.

DaVinci Inflight Training Institute – The Culinary Experience Elite – Value:  $4,200
This elite level (advanced) culinary and skills training program is designed with hands-on interactive culinary training combined with instructor lectures, visual presentations, detailed manuals, handout materials, and all needed tools to successfully complete the lessons. Each class is taught in the state-of-the-art culinary lab in the trainDAVINCI Training Center.

Wolston Sky – Pilot’s Crew Resource Management Course (CRM), Initial (6 Offerings) – Value:  $1,700
Wolston Sky is happy to offer online Initial Crew Resource Management (CRM) training for up to six winners.

This online live instructor-led two-day course is highly interactive and engaging and is fully FAA/ EASA compliant.  CRM is the effective use of all available resources for flight crew personnel to assure a safe and efficient operation, reducing error, avoiding stress, and increasing efficiency. CRM encompasses a wide range of knowledge, skills, and attitudes including communications, loss of situational awareness, problem-solving, decision making, and teamwork; together with all the attendant sub-disciplines which each of these areas entails.

VVIP International In-Flight Training Scholarship – Value:  $4,200.00
At VVIP students receive a 6 day in-flight Corporate Flight Attendant Training that includes Flight Attendant Service, Safety and On Jet Training. A one of a kind, in-flight service curriculum, that focuses on producing the highest standard of corporate and private flight attendants in the industry. We utilize domestic and international instructors and take our classrooms into the sky onboard private aircrafts.

Commercial 2 Corporate, Corporate Flight Attendant Roles via E-Learning Course – Value Up to $7,920.00

Commercial 2 Corporate is offering 44 awards, totaling $7,920.00:

  • 20 x E-learning Modules for 20 Candidates their choice of Module USA
  • 20 x E-learning Modules for 20 candidates their choice of Module Europe including UK
  • 2 x Essentials First Steps Course Dubai UAE for UAE Residents
  • 2 x Silver Service Essentials Course Dubai UAE for UAE residents

All candidates must be current Cabin Crew, Flight Attendants

For more information, please visit our website:  https://c2ccrew.com

E-learning Modules:

Corporate Flight Attendant Role
This E Learning course will show you what are the differences between a commercial and corporate flight attendant, this will give you valuable knowledge of the role of a corporate flight attendant and will assist you in an interview situation 

The CFA Interview Procedure
Learn what VIP Cabin Crew Recruiters look for when you are applying for jobs in the industry 

All About Catering a VIP Aircraft
This E Learning course will show you the steps a Corporate Flight Attendant goes through to cater a VIP Aircraft 

Introduction to Corporate Aircraft
This E learning course will give you some idea of the types of aircraft that we fly on This will help you with the interview process by being able to visualize the aircraft that they operate and will help extend your knowledge to the interviewer that you are the right person for the job. 

Essentials First Steps
The C2C First Steps, our full Essentials course a 1 day more personalized service, the maximum number is 8 people and our trainers. Offering you that choice to do it with friends and the most cost-effective course price that benefits you. 

The ability to transition to the corporate aviation sector requires the enhancement and refining of existing skillsets and the development of core competencies required in this specialized industry. The rewards and satisfaction are a reason why the course is vital to achieving these goals. It enables you to take the next step in your career, to assist you in a more personalized environment, and to give an insight into the life of corporate flying. 

This one-day interactive course will establish the differences between commercial and corporate aviation, whilst giving you the tools, confidence, and knowledge to be able to undertake the role and seek positions within the corporate markets. 

Silver Service Essentials
Who should attend: First or Business Class Cabin Crew 

This course is offered to existing and aspiring VIP cabin crew in order to enhance their present practical and theoretical skills around silver service and etiquette protocols. Designed to improve cabin standards of F&B delivery and behaviors for ultra-high net worth (UHNW) clients the Silver Service Essentials is the launchpad to setting yourself up for advancement in your career. 



International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) – IS-BAH Workshop – Value: $1,300
This scholarship will allow the winner to attend the IS-BAH Fundamentals and Auditing workshops on a complimentary basis. At this time, the workshops are being presented online. If at some time in the future we are able to return to in person workshops, this scholarship will not include any travel costs. This scholarship does not include any costs associate with auditor accreditation or required auxiliary training that may be required is the winner should decide to apply to become an accredited auditor. Granting of the scholarship also does not imply that the winner is qualified to become an accredited auditor.

International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) – IS-BAO Workshop – Value:  $1,300
This scholarship will allow the winner to attend the IS-BAO Fundamentals and Auditing workshops on a complimentary basis. At this time, the workshops are being presented online. If at some time in the future we are able to return to in person workshops, this scholarship will not include any travel costs. This scholarship does not include any costs associate with auditor accreditation or required auxiliary training that may be required is the winner should decide to apply to become an accredited auditor. Granting of the scholarship also does not imply that the winner is qualified to become an accredited auditor.



Member Company – Gulfstream G650 Maintenance Initial, FSI – Value: $35,000
Gulfstream G650 Maintenance Initial at FlightSafety International. This scholarship includes Room and Board, Travel Expenses, and Food daily allowance. The course must be started before 9/30/21 and can be taken at any FSI facility that provides G650MI. This is a three week course.

Satcom Direct (SD) Connectivity Training Scholarship – For All Aviation Professionals:  Maintenance, Pilots, Flight Attendants – Value: $1,800
aeroCNCT is more than a certificate; it’s a professional credential developed to meet industry standards. The three (3) year certification was developed to create a standard in cabin connectivity education. The aeroCNCT exam focuses on five areas:

  • Network Basics
  • Internet and connectivity familiarization
  • Cabin network management
  • Network application and tools
  • Flight operation preparation

This includes:

  • Two days of classroom training, reviews, and exam preparation
  • aeroCNCT courseware book
  • SD Learning Management System (LMS) access
  • Test voucher for the proctored examination
  • The option for testing

Viasat – Technology/Maintenance Scholarship – Value:  $1,000
Viasat is pleased to provide this scholarship to assist a college student that is attending a Part 147 school and working on attaining an A&P certificate or Avionics related certificate.



Before you start, we wanted to highlight the Scholarship Rules and Regulations for applicants, so you would be aware of what a completed application should look like.  Please be sure to read the description thoroughly to make sure you meet all requirements.

  • You may apply for up to 3 scholarships during each scholarship program cycle.
  • You can receive up to 2 scholarships within 1 calendar year. Please note that only one of the two can be a financial scholarship.
  • These requirements are the minimum for all scholarships unless otherwise indicated. Some scholarships may require additional information.

Please provide the following:

  • Two recommendation letters
  • 500 to 750 -word descriptive essay (may vary for each scholarship)
  • Professional resume



Flight Scholarships:

  • Flight scholarships must include:
    • Copies of all aviation and medical certificates for flight training scholarships.
    • Last 2 pages of your hardcover or electronic logbook



Tell us about yourself, your aviation history, and how you became interested in corporate aviation.  In addition, include the following:

  • What motivates you, and what are your short and long term goals
  • How will this scholarship help you achieve your goals
  • Involvement in aviation activities and WCA, or involvement with other groups or charities (i.e. give us a view of who you are outside of work or school)
  • Previous scholarships you’ve received and how they helped your career and/or goals
  • Any unique or beneficial qualities that make you an outstanding applicant for this scholarship
  • For a monetary scholarship, specify the training program and it’s associated cost
  • Other applicable information as requested by the scholarship sponsor



Your resume should address the following:

  • Certificates already obtained, and flight hours completed (if applicable)
  • Work history
  • Educational scholarships, awards, and honors
  • Demonstrated involvement in aviation related activities


Housing/Transportation/Associated Fees:

  • WCA is not responsible for housing, transportation or other associated fees


Additional Information:

  • The awards must be used within 12 months of receipt


Contact Us:

If you have questions, please email the Scholarship Coordinator, Jim Huntoon, Scholarship Coordinator, scholarships-wca@wca-intl.org or call +1 386-736-3379



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