WCA Scholarships

Key Steps For A Successful Scholarship Application

  1. Thoroughly read and follow all instructions: Pay close attention to the details and requirements outlined in the scholarship application. Failure to submit requested documents or missing information could result in denial. Take note of formatting guidelines, additional deadlines, and specific documents that need to be included. Your attention to detail can greatly impact the success of your application.
  2. Create a comprehensive and professional resume: Prepare a well-organized resume that highlights your accomplishments, experiences, and skills relevant to the scholarship you are applying for. A polished resume provides a clear snapshot of your qualifications.
  3. Letters of Recommendations (LOR): It is highly recommended to request LORs in advance. When receiving them, carefully review the provided directions and ensure they are followed exactly as instructed. Typically, twp letters of recommendation are required. Consider asking individuals such as your boss, teachers, pastor, or community leaders who can attest to your abilities and character.

– Include the current date within the current year on each LOR.
– Clearly indicate the name of the scholarship being applied for.
– Avoid submitting a copied LOR from a previous year.

  1. Craft your essay with care: Read and understand the essay requirements thoroughly before beginning to write. Take your time and avoid rushing through this critical component of your application. Start by drafting your essay, step away for some time before returning to refine it further.

By following these key steps, you can increase your chances of submitting a successful scholarship application that stands out among other applicants.

  1. When it comes to writing an essay for a scholarship application, it’s crucial to take your time and thoroughly understand the instructions while considering your audience. It’s also important to research the organization offering the scholarship before you start writing. Essays play a significant role in demonstrating your personality, career goals, community involvement, achievements, and financial needs to the scholarship donor. Make sure to customize your essay according to the specific scholarship you are applying for. Avoid using old essays by copy-pasting or simply changing names and dates; judges can often detect lack of effort in submitting fresh content. Lastly, don’t forget to proofread!
  2. To stay organized throughout the application process, keep track of due dates and start as early as possible—avoid procrastination! Remember to submit your application before the set deadline.
  3. If you happen to be a pilot, remember that providing copies of your pilot’s license and medical certificate (front and back), along with the last 2 pages of your logbook or a comprehensive report from your electronic flight logbook is mandatory.
  4. Lastly, make sure to polish your online presence and present yourself professionally. This includes thoroughly reviewing all social media accounts and deleting any inappropriate content that may negatively impact your chances of receiving a scholarship opportunity.

Contact Us:

If you have questions, please email the Scholarship Coordinator, Jim Huntoon, Scholarship Coordinator, scholarships-wca@wca-intl.org or call +1 386-736-3379

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