WCA 2017 Fall Scholarships Information

Women in Corporate Aviation (WCA), the premier non-profit mentoring association for professionals in corporate and business aviation, is announcing our Fall 2017 Scholarship Offerings. Information on each specific scholarship is listed below, as well as the guidelines. To apply for any scholarship click on the red "APPLY HERE" button.

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Scholarship Guidelines:

WCA members are encouraged to apply by August 15, 2017.

Remember you must be an active member to apply. Many of the scholarship offerings do not cover travel and expenses. That includes the NBAA Conference. As a winner of any scholarship you are responsible for your own travel expenses and conference fees if you decided to attend the conference. We look forward to reading all of your submission packages. If you have any questions please send an email to the scholarship committee:  scholarships-wca@wca-intl.org

Important Dates and Information:

  • June 15 - Scholarship application window opens
  • August 15 - Scholarship application deadline
  • September 5 - Scholarship winners notified
  • October 11 - Awards ceremony will be held during the 2017 NBAA Business Aviation Exhibition & Conference

WCA Scholarship Rules and Information:

  • Applicants must be current, dues-paying WCA members. To join or renew your WCA membership, visit: http://www.wca-intl.org/join-wca.html/
  • Members may apply for a MAXIMUM of 2 scholarships
  • Log into www.wca-intl.org to view scholarship application
  • Applications must include a 500-word essay, two letters of recommendation and certificates, transcripts, and résumés, as applicable
  • WCA is not responsible for housing, transportation or other associated fees
  • The awards must be used within one calendar year
  • For questions not addressed on the WCA website, email scholarship-wca@wca-intl.org

About Women in Corporate Aviation - WCA is a premier 501(C)(3) non-profit premier mentoring association for professionals in corporate and business aviation. Providing networking, mentoring, scholarships and educational opportunities for current and future corporate/business aviation professionals, WCA offers individual and corporate memberships. http://www.wca-intl.org  

  • AirFlite, a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc., Maintenance Technician Training Scholarship - Value: $3,000

    AirFlite is pleased to support the efforts of Women in Corporate Aviation to further education, professional development or career advancement in the area of corporate maintenance aviation technology. The scholarship is open to those pursuing a career in or directly related to Aviation Maintenance or currently enrolled in an Aviation Maintenance Technician Program (A&P), Avionics Training Program or a degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology.

    Applicants should submit for consideration: 1) Two letters of recommendation 2) High school or college (or equivalent) transcript, if currently enrolled in school 3) Resume 4) One-page essay detailing his or her goals, what they hope to achieve in their aviation career, and how they intend to utilize the scholarship.

  • AirFlite, a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc., Pilot Training Scholarship - Value: $3,000

    AirFlite is pleased to support the efforts of Women in Corporate Aviation to further education, professional development or career advancement for either; a professional pilot currently looking to advance their career and are seeking professional development, or students currently enrolled in an aviation degree program or working on pilot certifications with a career goal of flying professionally.

    Applicants should submit for consideration: 1)Two letters of recommendation 2) High school or college (or equivalent) transcript, if currently enrolled in school 3) Resume 4) Copies of flight logs 5) One-page essay detailing his or her goals, what they hope to achieve in their aviation career, and how they intend to utilize the scholarship.

  • ATI International Flight Procedures Training Scholarship - Value: $1,700

    Air Training International (ATI) is pleased to offer, for the first time, the ATI International Flight Procedures Training Scholarship. Geared toward the current professional pilot or one pursuing professional pilot education, ATIs International Procedures Initial course melds international procedures with cockpit resource management concepts and aircraft performance considerations, into a truly worthwhile learning experience that emphasizes proactive execution over rote recitation. ATIs Initial Training is available online or in-person at their Southlake, TX, facility and meets the recommended minimum training curriculum necessary for a pilot to be considered qualified for international operations as outlined in the Inspectors Handbook 8900.1.

  • CAE Citation 500 Series Aircraft Type Rating Scholarship - Value: $22,000

    CAE, a Dallas ­based aviation training facility is pleased to announce a Citation 500 Series Aircraft Type Rating Scholarship. It will be awarded to a pilot who is a student or recently graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree within the last two­ years. The scholarship will provide additional industry based training opportunities, broaden awareness in corporate aviation and assist with developing the individual’s career path. Citation 500 Series Initial Training Course will be offered at CAE in Dallas, TX and upon successful completion of the course a Citation 500 Series Type Rating will be issued. The applicant is responsible for all travel/accommodation expenses and must be able to complete the training within a 6­ month period.

  • Executive Jet Management Training Scholarship -Value: $2,000

    Executive Jet Management is very pleased to award a one-time scholarship to a deserving candidate pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in an aviation-related field. Ideal courses of study include training and education for pilots, corporate flight attendants, dispatchers, aircraft maintenance technicians, and aviation managers.


    Applicants should submit for consideration:


    • Two letters of recommendation


    • High school or college (or equivalent) transcript


     • Copies of flight logs (if applicable)


    • Resume


    • One-page essay detailing his or her goals in their course of study, what they hope to achieve in their aviation career, and how they intend to “pay it forward” to promote aviation to others as they progress through their career 

  • MedAire’s Management of Inflight & Illness Training Course Scholarship - Value: $1,200

    The recipient of this 2017 Women in Corporate Aviation training scholarship will be eligible for attendance at one of MedAire’s signature “Management of Inflight Illness & Injury Training” courses. During the one-day class, the student will learn to recognize symptoms, how to stabilize others during a medical event and they will receive certification in cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) use. They will also be taught about blood borne pathogens, aviation medicine, travel health, victim assessment and management of medical and traumatic emergencies.  MedAire training courses are held at many global locations - see www.medaire.com for current training dates/locations and watch for the 2018 schedule to be posted soon.   Travel expenses to training class will be the responsibility of the recipient.  This scholarship will be valid for one year from the date of issue.

  • Signature Flight Support Corporation Scholarship - Value: $3,000

    Signature Flight Support Corporation is awarding a $3,000 scholarship to support a woman pursuing professional development or career advancement in any job classification of corporate/business aviation. The award must be used toward a specific program of education. Suggested uses include (but are not limited to), NBAA CAM, PDP or SEBA Programs, Aviation Management degree, flight training, dispatcher training, maintenance training, corporate flight attendant training, and upgrades in aviation education.

    The applicant must be a U.S. Citizen and a WCA member. The applicant must submit a copy of her resume along with a 500 word essay how you will positively impact the corporate aviation industry after receiving this award. If you are a pilot please submit copies of pilot certificates, medical, and the last three pages of logbook with your application.

  • Susan C. Friedenberg Flight Attendant 4-Day Initial Training for Business Aviation Scholarship - Value: $4,200

    What we offer in our four day training program is the day to day job responsibilities of a business aviation flight attendant.Our training program is an extensive training that focuses on developing and honing the skills and tools needed by today's corporate aviation flight attendant. It covers in great detail the standard operating procedures that are utilized by most corporate aviation flight departments in the US. It is a training that encompasses everything needed to break into this elite industry in an educated and very professional manner. This is a strong comprehensive and informative training that has proven to be very successful in educating people and aiding them in finding work within business aviation.

    Since the inception of this business aviation training 15 years ago, we have trained hundreds of people that are flying either full time or on a contract/freelance basis for Fortune 500 Corporate Flight Departments.Additionally, five of our students are now Chief Flight Attendants for major corporate flight departments and three of our students are now teaching corporate specific emergency training. It is an invaluable insight for those who wish to break into corporate aviation. Our Corporate Flight Attendant Training Program will help prepare you for any interview process with a Part 91 corporate flight department, a Part 135 charter operation, or a "fractional ownership" company globally.We also teach a great deal of catering information, food safety and the importance of food on our aircraft throughout the four days as well as International trip planning for remote global travel on our long range aircraft. This includes how to gather the information needed, menu planning, finding catering, ordering it with explicit detail and the intricacies catering presents for International trip planning.This training syllabus will empower the new corporate flight attendant to accept trips to remote International destinations with confidence. You will gain knowledge that will assist you in knowing what is expected of you, as well as add to your comfort level in taking these types of assigned missions.

    Some of the topics that we cover in great detail throughout our four day training are: • Defining The Corporate Aviation Flight Attendant • The Differences Between The FAR'S Where Applicable • Managing Yourself As A Business Person In Corporate Aviation • Marketing YOU In The Business Aviation Community Globally • Resumes/Cover Letters • Salary Negotiations for Full Time & Contract Flying • Developing a Professional Image & Dressing For Success • Corporate Culture • Food Safety Awareness • The Language Of Business Aviation Catering • Catering Communication Skills • Catering, Food Presentation & Packaging • Trip Prep From Assignment To The Trip's Completion • Sequence Of In-Flight Service, Duties & Aircraft Responsibilities • Remain Over Night Responsibilities For The Aircraft • Aviation Department Communication Skills • International - Remote Trip Planning/Safe Global Catering Procurement • Trip Prep For Emerging Market Country Destinations • Augmented Crew Changes & Applications • International Customs/Safety & Cultural Awareness • Crew Fatigue Management

    As a new corporate flight attendant you are the author of your success in business aviation. Passion, commitment, education, organization, and excellence creates opportunity and success!

  • Susan Friedenberg Flight Attendant Scholarship Interview for Success Training for Business Aviation - Value: $600

    This is a one on one, five hour role playing training designed to produce the results needed when interviewing with any CEO, HR Person, Chief Pilot, Aviation Manager/Director, Chief Flight Attendant, Maintenance Chief, or Scheduler. How you "show up" in an interview and the way that you handle yourself is the only way that a potential employer can visualize you on their aircraft with their CEO. This is a very powerful and eye opening training.

    Every corporation has a specific corporate profile and personality that differs from every other corporation. We will teach you how to research the information needed to walk into any interview as an informed corporate flight attendant candidate. Asking relevant and intelligent questions designed for this industry while anticipating trigger questions from the people asking the questions is crucial before accepting any corporate flight attendant position. These are the things that will set you a part from other candidates seeking the same position.

    This is a training that has produced positive results for people breaking into business aviation. Regardless of the time that you invest in your job hunt whether it be for a full time flying position or flying contract, the interviewer will base their hiring decision on your "interview performance".

    If you do not succeed in the interview process, you have just wiped out weeks or months of hard work trying to get the interview. The interview is clearly the most decisive part of your job hunting campaign within business aviation. Keep in mind that the interviewer does not know you at all. They only know what they read on your resume and that is what got you in the door. Your qualifications, background, experience and training might be very similar to other potential candidates. The way that you perform in the interview is crucial. This training will assist you in better formulating your career questions and articulating your thoughts in a corporate environment in front of the person making the hiring decisions. What your gain is from this training is that when you leave an interview, you want to leave with a job offer whether full time or contract.

    This training is scheduled after our Corporate Flight Attendant Training Program in the cities that it is offered in as well as in Philadelphia upon request at any time. We cover in great length your corporate specific resume for business aviation and how to create a flight department cover letter "asking" for an interview and what their next steps are in their hiring process. It is a very effective 5-6 hour training!

    *Job qualifications land interviews, but interviewing skills land the job!*

    ***This training is conducted by appointment only. It is conducted the day after the initial four day training***

  • WCA Career Scholarship - Value: $2,000

    The Women in Corporate Aviation Career Scholarship is offered by the members and sponsors of Women in Corporate Aviation to any person pursuing professional development or career advancement in any job classification of corporate/business aviation. The award must be used toward a specific program of education. Suggested uses include (but are not limited to): Flight training, dispatcher training, maintenance training, corporate flight attendant training and upgrades in aviation education. The award cannot be used for general business course work. Scholarship will not be awarded to previous winners of Women in Corporate Aviation scholarships. If you are a pilot please submit copies of pilot licenses, medical and logbook pages with your application.

  • WCA Leadership Scholarship - Value: $3,000

    The WCA Leadership Scholarship is offered to assist individuals currently in the Corporate Aviation Industry with the costs of professional development toward careers in aviation management. The award may be used for the following: 1) NBAA Certified Aviation Manager Certification, 2) NBAA leadership conference, 3)NBAA PDP courses including SDPD, and others such as, Aviation Safety and Security training courses (USC Viterbi programs), or Aviation Management Certificate programs (ERAU).

  • Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc. Aviation Dispatcher Scholarship - Value: $3,000

    The Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. hybrid Aircraft Dispatcher Course is comprised of two elements: a four month (17 week) self-paced online portion and an 8 day classroom session. This course allows you to complete the majority of the coursework online over a four month period. Once you complete the online requirements and pass the FAA Knowledge Test, you will spend 8 days at our training facility in Houston, TX to complete the practical portion of your training. Your FAA Practical Test will be scheduled following the successful completion of the 8 day classroom session. Please plan on being in Houston a few extra days to complete the practical test. Scholarship does not include lodging, meals, or testing fees. Students are responsible for paying the two FAA testing fees. Hotel reservation assistance is available. Students have one (1) year to complete all online training requirements and the onsite session based on availability of class dates. www.universalweather.com/education.

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