I have been working with the airlines for about 3 years now. 6 months in I got hip to asking the overnight hotels “may I please get points for this stay?” When I started receiving emails from the various hotels and collecting all those pretty plastic cards I was so excited. I would think to myself “yes, I can’t wait to save up for that free week in Tokyo!” To my surprise just recently I discovered, no offense but, by the time I have saved up enough points to cover a week in Tokyo it will have fallen off the map!!!

After 2 years I still proudly hold a Blue Level Hilton Honors Card (very bottom of the totem pole). The clerk at the front desk laughed at me when I asked if I qualified for free breakfast. He explained how if the expired points didn’t fall off a few months prior I would have been very close to a cup of coffee. Wait a minute…………. Fall off??? My points fall off too? Not only do I gain slow I also lose fast!

The airlines keep the hotel rates as low as possible through negotiating perks. They do away with the point programs in exchange for the super discounts on hotel rooms for crews. Instead of points we are allowed “stay credits”. Stay credit simply means, ”We have you on record for visiting with us. Thank you!”

On the corporate side how do you earn points so quickly?

Are the hotel rooms not discounted?

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